Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez is a Spanish fashion design company founded in the 1970s. Its creator took over the family business, a lifelong tailor’s shop set up by his grandfather, assimilating the know-how and putting his stamp on it. Adolfo Dominguez has managed to transform the company into a symbol of international quality and elegance.

The firm started its international expansion in the 90’s and today has over 700 points of sale on four continents. Adolfo Dominguez has been assessed by the Reputation Institute as one of the 30 most popular businesses in Spain; it is also among the 2% of Spanish companies chosen by Interbrand as the most important on an international level.

Adolfo Dominguez was introduced to Middle East by Gulf Franchising Company in year 2005. It started its operations by opening a 600 sq meter outlet in one of the largest and luxurious malls in Kuwait named The Avenues Mall. In 2008, there was another outlet opened in Dubai Mall of around 300 sq mt. which is again one of the largest and most stylish malls in the region. GFC had also opened an outlet in Iran, on Valie Al Asr St. one of the most stylish and popular area in Tehran region known for shopping luxury brands. The brand maintains the same store concept worldwide which is an outlet size of 300 -700 sq mt with stylish and luxurious wooden design which gets one completely at ease enjoying the stylish and chic décor for a personalized shopping experience.

Adolfo Dominguez stores in Kuwait and Dubai has been felicitated with a title of Number One Store in Performance by the Adolfo Dominguez Management in Spain.